What are we doing right now?

Much happening!

Much happening!

We’ve had a TON going on the last few months and just haven’t posted any updates.  We’ve been working extensively with the Bokwa Fitness / PEPP Fitness team on a new round of videos, as well as helping to establish an alternate set in their new location in Walnut, CA.

We also just finished a promotional video for the MVPvets.org team, which is to be featured at the San Diego Convention Center for the AdvaMed2015 MedTech gathering.

In unison, we are creating online streaming content for both the CoupleTalk and HRC folk we work with on a regular basis.  This should help to expand their awesome teachings to an even larger worldwide audience, thus spreading the love, literally.

A few other small projects also in the mix, and we are so grateful for every single one!  Love this work!

New video samples will be uploaded shortly.

Thanks for stopping by!