What are we doing right now?

What are we doing right now, and what were we doing?

What are we doing right now, and what were we doing?

Updated October 4, 2015:  See latest Post Here


At this very moment, we are continuing recording for a large voiceover project that has spanned several months, as well as prepping for a 3-day shoot beginning 6/19.

This past weekend, we also finished “Troposphere”, a fun visual journey for a globally recorded composition, which is part of a larger project called “Atmospheres”.  Check it out!

In February, we did a number of final renders on a project for HRC (Healthy Relationships California), through ZBGlobal.  The project manager is someone we also worked with on the big CoupleTalk project and is an insanely great coordinator, visionary, and brain.  Really helps to keep it all together when so many different people, in different states, are involved.

In January, we finished the M-BEAM Crowd Funding video, through UCSD.  This is a brand new approach to “Modular Battery Exchange” and really has merit.  As of today, they have already raised $28,000+ toward their 2nd-stage goal and the 3rd stage should be kicking in any time now.  Awesome.  CLICK HERE to visit the official UCSD Crowd Funding page, plus you can see the extended version of the video HERE.