This is one of those projects we just love to do!  A good friend and creative genius, Jeff Cairns, sent us the completed audio track and asked if we could create “something visual” for it.  No directives were given.  It is an abstract, 12+ minute piece of music with diverse instrumentation and contributing musicians located all around the globe… and all of them top-notch in their artistry.

“Troposphere” is just one piece of the many that will, ultimately, make up the larger Mother Tongue project known as “Atmospheres”.  Each piece evolves organically throughout the recording process, as the musicians add their own interpretation and instrumentation, culminating with a final mix/master at BigFish Studio in Kumamoto, Japan, the amazing nerve center of the project, among many others.

The visuals we created for Troposphere represent OUR interpretation of how the music spoke to us, upon first listen.  The footage utilized comes entirely from one of our regular stock media entities–for the most part, they had just what we were seeking for this project.  Visualizing a flow, and then seeking specific clips that speak both artistically and “contentually”, is a whole ton of fun!  This project was no exception and we are very grateful for the opportunity!

1280x720P – 23.97 Final Frame Rate (though there was a wide variance in the footage utilized).