On the New Set with Bokwa

September, 2015:  These shots are from a Bokwa Fitness / PEPP Fitness shoot in Walnut, CA.  Since the new (much larger) set had a last minute delay with the truss system, we had just a few hours to come up with a cool, but quick, set for this 5 camera, 4-day shoot.  Turned out quite nice.  Even with a cumulative 8-10 hours sleep in 5 days, and 100F+ temps, the energy level was off the charts!  Put that doughnut down, damn it!

Paul Mavi, and the entire Bokwa team, are a ton of fun to work with and truly care about every single individual they help to firm up, inside & out.  November brings an even newer, bigger, badder set with a whole lot of visual firepower in the mix… greatly looking forward to that!