Wedding Hi-Highlight Video

This is a shortened version of the highlight video.

To download the full, 11 minute highlight video:
RIGHT-CLICK HERE and save to your computer.  This is a smaller, 640×360 res MP4, 400mb file size.  If you have a fast connection, you might be able to just click the link to play it.

We don’t normally do weddings.  In fact, we had never done one, until now.  Late last year, 2014, we were asked if we would be interested in applying our unique style of production to the wedding video genre.   After a little pondering, we accepted.

It was a warm, October day, approaching 100F+ in the shade.  The wedding was in an oak grove in Ramona, CA.  The pace was quick and we had to cover many acres of real estate to capture many different things going on at the same time.  The heat/dust got the best of 1 or 2 small pieces of gear, but it all went great and the bride/groom were overjoyed with the final videos (an 11 minute highlight video + a 1.5hr archive).  It was a lot of fun to do, and the couple, and both families, were simply awesome.

The couple requested the 3 specific songs that were used as a bed.  Since they are all “mainstream tracks”, youtube nixed the audio on the initial posting shortly after it was posted.  This version was cut down considerably, to more of a “highlight-highlight video”, which segmented some of the music, so maybe it will get by the all-hearing, binary ear this time?  There is a link at the top of this post to download the full highlight video directly from our server.